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Where Should We Look Next In The SB Nation NFL Mock Draft?

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Okay, folks. . .I mentioned the 2012 SB Nation Mock Draft in an earlier post, and now I want to give you folks the opportunity to have a say in which direction I should take the team with our second pick.

I said that I will need to have the Vikings' next pick in well before it actually gets posted at Mocking the Draft. Well, even though the next pick won't be posted until 10 April, the pick needs to be submitted by noon Eastern time on Thursday, 5 April.

Obviously, I can't tell you who is already off the board at this point in time, although I will say we're up to pick #24 behind the scenes. So, the best I can do it attempt to generalize it by position.

In light of that, I'll put the following poll down here, and leave it open until Wednesday evening for people to have their say and debate about things. Remember, "trade down" isn't an option. I want you fine folks to have a say in what direction we go, although I think we all know this team's obvious needs.

With that, have at it, ladies and gentlemen!