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Pro Football Talk Interviews Rick Spielman

The folks over at Pro Football Talk interviewed Minnesota Vikings' General Manager Rick Spielman a couple of days ago for their "PFT Live" show. The interview was originally spread out over two segments, but Mike Florio and the gang have been kind enough to mash them into one convenient piece of viewing for everybody.

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The interview clocks in at about fifteen minutes, making it the longest period of time that anybody outside of a Minnesota Vikings blog has spent talking about the Minnesota Vikings since Brett Favre's streak ended.

Spielman touches on numerous topics during the interview, including the progress that Adrian Peterson is making with his injury (and Peterson's contract), the New Orleans Saints' bounty scandal, and where the team is going to be looking in the 2012 NFL Draft. All in all, it's a pretty interesting chat with the guy that has been placed in charge of the Minnesota Vikings' rebuilding process.