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Minnesota Vikings All Time Draft, Round Four Results


Dirt on pants? Check. Handpads? Check...and AWESOME! Your All Time Fourth Round Pick

With the next pick in our all time Minnesota Vikings draft, the fourth round selection is:

Roy Winston, LB, 42%

I have to admit that going into this round I thought we were in for a much closer battle than we ended up having. As a community, we've focused more on the modern era players (at least in the first two rounds), and I thought a guy that wasn't a Purple People Eater headline grabber might have issues connecting to our younger readers.

But that wasn't the case, as Winston more than doubled the vote total of the second place finisher, Ray Edwards. Of course, Edwards didn't do himself any favors with the fanbase over the way he left, so Winston in many respects became a defacto pick for a lot of us. Still, I thought he might be more overlooked based on how long ago he played, and how under rated he was during his playing days.

So we're halfway through our draft, and Winston is our first defensive player taken. We'll be back later today with our round 5 choices.