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Moss Interested In Saints, Less Interested In Dignity

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Generally, when there is an impending disaster that can be avoided. . .natural or otherwise. . .the instinct is to run away from it at a relatively high rate of speed. Some, however. . .and for whatever reason. . .choose to run directly into it instead.

Enter Randy Moss.

Today, Moss worked out for the impending wasteland known as the New Orleans Saints, according to numerous sources (including our friends at Rumor has it that Moss performed so well in his workout that Gregg Williams has already put a bounty on him.

But seriously, I guess it isn't entirely surprising. . .the Saints are likely going to lose a couple of their receivers to free agency in a week or so, and Moss wants to get back into the NFL.

I know there are a lot of folks here that are still big Randy Moss fans. . .yours truly included. Despite his conduct during his second stint here, he's still one of the most gifted players to ever wear a Vikings' uniform. But I'd like to get everyone else's view on it, so enjoy the poll question and discuss in the comments.