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Minnesota Vikings All Time Draft, Round 5 Results


Top Five All Time Linebacker in Team History?

With the next selection in the Minnesota Vikings all time draft, the fifth round pick is:

Ed McDaniel, LB, 67%

I gotta say, I thought this would be a lot closer. Actually, I'm stunned that McDaniel won in such a landslide. I'm not saying that Ed McDaniel is a bad choice, just that Ed Sharockman was just as worthy of a selection, but he pretty much got stomped.

McDaniel is a deserving pick, though. He was a solid player for almost a decade, and he was one of those guys that went all out on every play. I was a bigger fan of guys like John Randle and Chris Doleman, but McDaniel was a guy I loved cheering for. He made the absolute most out of his physical abilities, and you could make an argument that McDaniel is one of the five best linebackers in Vikings history.

I'm not sure you's win that argument with guys like Scott Studwell, Jeff Siemon, Matt Blair, Wally Hilgenberg, Roy Winston, and Lonnie Warwick, among others. But McDaniel is right there with all of them