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Overnight Discussion: What Should We Have On The Daily Norseman YouTube Channel?

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Hey there, ladies and gentlemen. . .most of you are probably asleep by this time, but this is something I want to discuss with you folks.

As I mentioned last week, SB Nation now has its own YouTube channel and, along with that, this very site will have its own YouTube channel as well. Yours truly has gotten a hold of a fancy shmancy camera courtesy of the folks at the mothership, and will be making use of it in the coming weeks and months (with the debut video coming in the next couple of days here). I just need a little more time to play with the camera and figure out all the nuances of how it all works.

So, I'd like to ask you good folks exactly what you'd like to see on our YouTube channel. During the off-season, I'm going to try to find some interesting stuff to put on there, but this could be open for stuff like "mailbag"-type columns, game recaps, and things of that nature.

But, if there's anything you folks would like to see on our new YouTube channel, use the comments here to let me know and I'll do what I can to incorporate those things into the videos.

Thanks in advance for your feedback, everyone!