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Madden '13 Cover Tournament Voting Underway

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Similar to what happened last season, the folks at EA Sports have given the decision for who will be on the cover of the next version of Madden NFL to we, the people. To that end, the voting has started today on the FaceBook page for ESPN's SportsNation.

This year's affair is actually a 64-player field, with the first round having pairs of teammates facing off to see which member of each of the 32 NFL franchises moves on to the Round of 32. These match-ups will go on for two weeks, and the bracket of 32 will be revealed on ESPN's SportsNation on March 21.

For the Minnesota Vikings, the folks at EA have chosen not to include Adrian Peterson in this year's proceedings after he made the final four last season, falling to Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback Michael Vick in that round. (Vick eventually lost to Cleveland Browns' running back Peyton Hillis for the right to be on the cover.)

No, the two Vikings that are going up against each other for the right to move on are defensive end/humanitarian/freaking monster Jared Allen and wide receiver/kick returner/awesome football player Percy Harvin.

Go over and vote, everyone! And, while we're at it, let's put the same poll here, too. If you want to take the "Madden Curse" into account, feel free to do so.