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Looks Like We Will NOT Continue Discussing The Inevitable Discussion


You know, I had my third and intended final installment of the ‘Inevitable Discussion' running story set to go- had re-edited it, given the story a new part for the pre-leap of faith, and scheduled it to post. Well, somewhere along the way, I done messed up and it didn't post. For whatever reason. Even worse, I failed to do my normal check-up and didn't even realize it until earlier this evening.

All things for a reason, all that jazz, right? Because had it in fact posted, this article here by the Pioneer Press would have sure made me look stupid.

According to said article, a "source with knowledge" (meaning either Rick Spielman himself, or a towel boy who overheard a conversation) indicates that, as most of us expected anyways, the Minnesota Vikings will NOT be pursuing Peyton Manning because they feel comfortable and set with Christian Ponder and Joe Webb.

Now, before everyone goes, "shocking!" and slaps their palms to their faces Home Alone style, I would like to point out a thought I had when I read this story- there is a potential negative side to it, wherein such expressed confidence in Ponder/ Webb could hurt any negotiations for a trade should RGIII be available at #3. While I know it's very unlikely at this point that the Rams don't take their bounty and run, leaving Washington/ Miami/ Cleveland/ whoever to grab him at #2, if the scenario DOES arise wherein RGIII is available, we need to make teams a.) think we might grab him ourselves, short of a great offer, b.) there's a bidding war, or c.) ...both. Showing such confidence in Ponder- deserved or not- kinda puts a hitch in point a. Hopefully, pre-draft, Master of the Ninjary Rick Spielman can spin it as less than confidence in existing quarterbacks, and more a lack of interest in any more older QBs.