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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Team Wants Agreement To Include Potential "Off-Site" Games

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In something that has been made out to be a much bigger deal than it actually is, the Minnesota Vikings' and the National Football League are attempting to include a provision in the agreement for a new stadium that would allow the team to play as many as four regular-season and two exhibition games "off-site" in a ten-year period.

The genesis of this. . .a clause that will likely be in pretty much every stadium agreement from here on out. . .comes from the St. Louis Rams announcing that they would be playing one home game in London, England for each of the next three seasons. The St. Louis Community and Visitors Commission didn't like that idea too much, as it said it violated the Rams' lease with the Edward Jones Dome, but the Rams and the CVC eventually got a deal done.

This is just something to avoid a similar situation by the Vikings, in my opinion. Seriously, it's not as though the NFL is going to come to the Vikings and say, "Well, you just got this shiny new stadium that's going to make you and your team a lot more profitable. . .how would you like to give up a home game to go play in Europe?"

With that being the case, and with the Rams taking the games in London for the next few seasons while a new Vikings' stadium is (hopefully) under construction, that could make it quite a long time before the Vikings get a chance to play in Europe or anywhere else.