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Hey, Everybody, The USFL Is Coming Back!

Now, I know that all of you are looking at your calendars and saying to yourselves, "Ha ha ha, Gonzo, we know it's April Fool's Day and that you're just screwing around with this whole thing." And it would be a pretty awesome April Fool's gag if I was making it up.

Which I'm not.

. . .instead of competing directly with the NFL, the plan is to have the USFL serve as a minor league for players hoping to graduate to the big time. This is the vision of Jaime Cuadra, who has acquired the USFL brand and will serve as president and CEO of what he hopes will be an eight-team league set to begin play next spring in non-NFL cities. Cuadra has hired as a consultant Jim Steeg, the former San Diego Chargers COO, who, for 34 years, also served as the NFL's man in charge of Super Bowls and special events.

The list of cities that the league is apparently looking at for teams reportedly includes Salt Lake City, Omaha, San Jose, Baton Rouge, Memphis, Austin, Akron, Portland, Raleigh-Durham, Birmingham. It will be an eight-team league that hopes to get underway in 2013. They've even got their own website and everything.

So, yes, even though it would have made an awesome April Fool's Day joke, it appears the return of the USFL is real.

Now, had I told you that the XFL was coming back, that would have been a joke.