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Our Second Round Pick In The SB Nation Writers' Mock Draft Is Live

You'll be able to see the reaction to it at Mocking the Draft here shortly (if it isn't already up and available), but I thought I'd use our fancy YouTube abilities to introduce our pick in the 35th slot in the 2012 SB Nation Writers' Mock Draft.

So, here it is.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I went with what the wishes of the community were, and I grabbed a wide receiver. There were several names at the position that I weighed in making this selection, and after reviewing what was available, I think I made a pretty solid selection.

I also understand that the sentiment in yesterday's thread was that I should have grabbed Notre Dame safety Harrison Smith with this selection, and had I been in the market for a defensive back, that's definitely where the pick would have gone. However, there's no point in asking what the community wants and then ignoring the consensus, so we went with a wide receiver here and, again, I think I made the right choice. Any receiver at this stage of the draft is going to have their ups and downs, and I'm more interested in long-term potential at the position at this point.

So, what does everyone think? Love it? Hate it? Somewhere in-between?