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Percy Harvin Postpones Shouder Surgery For Family Emergency

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Today was, apparently, the day that Minnesota Vikings' wide receiver Percy Harvin was going to have surgery for the shoulder issue he initially announced on the Twitter a week ago or so. (I say "apparently" because I don't recall seeing anything announced about when the surgery was actually scheduled to take place.)

Well, regardless of whether the surgery was supposed to happen today or not, it didn't. According to numerous sources, including Harvin himself on the Twitter, he has put off his surgery to deal with a family emergency. No word on what that emergency is and, quite frankly, it's really none of our business.

The surgery that Harvin is scheduled to have is a clean-up on his right shoulder, removing some bone spurs that Harvin had issues with during the season. Given the initial surgery date, he was expected to be ready for Organized Team Activities on May 29. With the surgery just being a clean-up, I would assume that would still be the case, but that remains to be seen. As long as #12 is ready to go for the pre-season, I'm not sure it's going to concern anybody too much.