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Bryant McKinnie Has Long-Term Payments, Needs Cash Now

Midnight Rambler originally had this in the FanPosts section, but I'm putting it up here as well.

So, during the NFL lockout last year, stories emerged about players taking out loans at ridiculous interest rates to help themselves through until they were back on the field again. One of those players was, apparently, former Minnesota Vikings' offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie, who took out a loan to the tune of $4 million. Now, McKinnie did the prudent thing and set up automatic payments, which were to be taken out of his Vikings' paycheck automatically.

The problem is that McKinnie stopped getting paychecks from the Vikings in August because he showed up at camp at around 400 pounds (or "four bills," if we want to keep the money thing going). As a result of this, he wound up missing a payment on his loan.

Apparently the fine print on the loan states that if McKinnie misses a payment, the lender can call for the entire loan to be paid off. . .with interest. All in all, he's facing lawsuits totally about $4.5 million because of that loan and a separate loan of a little more than $200,000 that he took out from the same place.

The moral of the story. . .if you have a job where one of the main requirements is that you remain in decent physical shape, you should probably remain in decent physical shape. Because, if you don't, only bad things can happen.

In the meantime, maybe McKinnie can get help from these folks.

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