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Where We Make A Huge Announcement

Dear Readers of the Daily Norseman,

We strive to bring you top quality Minnesota Vikings content, day in and day out, no matter what. Sometimes we add humor, big people words, and do downright goofy things, but it all comes from what is a genuine love of our team.

We aren't trained journalists in the sense we went to college for it. Well, some of us have gone to college, but not journalism school, so we're not school trained writers. But we're good at what we do, and I'm not bragging when I say that. Why isn't that bragging? Because somewhere along the way in this labor of love that Christopher Gates started and let the rest of the staff be a part of, DN became a mainstream, legitimate source for a lot of people when it comes to Vikings news and information.

How do I know that? Well, because for the first time in Vikings team history (at least near as I can tell based on my shady, Wikipedia based Internet research) an Internet blog that isn't affiliated with any Twin Cities newspaper, TV station, or radio station has been given fully credentialed media access for the entire draft. We've had credentialed access to cover the first round before (last year, and we were the only blog that did that, I think), but not the whole draft.

So starting Thursday, April 26th, Eric and I will be live blogging from Winter Park the entire weekend, and we might even saunter on down to the Vikings draft party at MOA Field and give you updates from there on Thursday night. We'll have interviews, instant reaction, press conference coverage, video for the YouTube page--all of it, all weekend long.

And none of this--last year's training camp and draft coverage, this year's coverage--none of it--would be possible without what is hands down the by God best community of Vikings fans on the Internet. Without you coming to DN to read our stuff and commenting on it, we're not getting press credentials, so I want to say thank you, each and every one of you, for giving us a shot at doing what most of us can only dream of doing. I am eternally grateful and humbled that we have this opportunity.

So get ready, because Eric and I will be bringing the heat in a couple weeks.