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Minnesota Vikings Finalize Pre-Season Schedule Times And Dates

Last week, we learned who the Minnesota Vikings would play this pre-season leading up to the 2012 campaign. Now, the team has officially put dates and times on each of the four contests.

Here, then, is the official pre-season schedule for our favorite football team:

August 10, 8 PM Central time - Minnesota Vikings at San Francisco 49ers

August 17, 7 PM Central time - Buffalo Bills at Minnesota Vikings

August 24, 7 PM Central time - San Diego Chargers at Minnesota Vikings

August 30, 6 PM Central time - Minnesota Vikings at Houston Texans

It appears. . .at least, if the information on the schedule on my DirecTV box is any indication. . .that the regular season schedule for 2012 will be released this coming Tuesday at 6 PM Central time. ESPN has a pretty significant block of time set aside for that, and the prevailing rumor is that's when the schedule will be released. As of now, the only regular season game we know of is the opener on September 5, when the Dallas Cowboys head to New Jersey to take on the reigning Super Bowl champions, the New York Giants.