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Is Percy A Problem?

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A couple of days ago, Tom Pelissero of ESPN 1500 posted this piece on Vikings' wide receiver Percy Harvin. The story details a lot of incidents from Harvin's time in Minnesota that I, and many others, had no idea about prior to this coming out. The thrust of the story is that Harvin has had an attitude problem dating all the way back to his days at the University of Florida. I'm guessing that none of this stuff came as a surprise to the Minnesota Vikings, as they seemed to thoroughly vett Harvin before drafting him in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft. (At least, I hope to heck they did.)

However, Harvin appeared to mature over the course of this past season. He appears to have found a breakthrough in his continued quest for a solution to the migraine headaches that have plagued him for a while, as he didn't miss very many practices in 2011. Of course, some have attributed that to a lack of Brad Childress on the Vikings' sidelines. (Again, call me naive, but I'd like to believe that sort of thing isn't the case.) He also busted his tail all season long despite the dismal overall year the Vikings had. Leslie Frazier even went so far as to make him a part of the "leadership council" that he formed after taking over the job late in the 2010 season.

Harvin is currently in the fourth season of his five-year rookie contract. With the Vikings having a bunch of remaining cap space and finding themselves in rebuilding mode, the thought has been floated that it might be wise to attempt to extend their most dynamic playmaker now rather than later. Personally, I wouldn't be saddned or angered at all if the Vikings were to take just that route with Harvin. Has Harvin had his issues since getting to Minnesota? Certainly, he has. . .I think everyone would acknowledge that.

But Harvin is also one of the NFL's most dynamic players when he gets the ball in his hands, as he's proven on many occasions over the course of the past three seasons. Harvin turns 24 in May, and for the Vikings to let a player of his talents and abilities just walk away would be a very bad idea. I don't think we can really hold a lot of what has happened over the past few years against him. I know that, quite frankly, I was much more mature at age 24 than I was at 21, and even more so at age 24 compared to what I was when I was 18. From Pelissero's report, Harvin really appears to be coming around on that front.

What do you all think?