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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: LIVE Coverage Of Tonight's Committee Meeting

As we've attempted to do whenever we've had the opportunity, here is a chance for you to watch the live video of tonight's hearing on a potential new Minnesota Vikings stadium.

Tonight's hearing is in front of the House Government Operations and Elections Committee, and. . .as Ted pointed out earlier today. . .it will likely be the toughest test the bill has faced to date. Representative Morrie Lanning of Moorhead, the primary sponsor of the bill in the House, has said that he thinks that the bill has enough support to get through the committee, but doesn't seem to be willing to bet the proverbial farm on that just yet.

Hopefully this thing can get through this particular committee and continue moving through the House. . .and, hopefully, the Senate will actually start picking things up here at some point as well. We're getting closer to the end of this year's legislative session, and there are still quite a few hurdles for this bill to clear.

Enjoy the stream, folks, as well as talking about it with your fellow Viking fans.