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Where We Deliver Some Crushing, Bad News. As In---You Better Be Sitting Down Kind Of Bad News

I really don't know how to sugarcoat this, so I'm just going to tell you:

The House Government Operations and Elections Committee defeated the Minnesota Vikings stadium bill by a vote of 9-6 earlier this evening, killing any hope of a Vikings stadium in this legislative session.

The reaction from the Vikings, as expected, is ominous. Vikings VP of Stadium Affairs Lester Bagley has said:

"This sends a strong message to the Vikings and to the NFL about our future in Minnesota. This was a mistake. It's a mistake to think that the Vikings and the NFL will stick with the staus quo in Minnesota."

Kids, barring a miracle, the Vikings time in Minnesota is coming to an end. Expect Wilf himself to start dropping threats to move, or hosting potential suitors willing to buy the team.

Bagley also said that the Vikes will work with Governor Dayton to try and advance the bill, but with it failing in committee, I just don't see a way forward on that front. I leave you with Zygi Wilf's reaction after he was told that the bill failed (NSFW language warning). We'll be back with more later. I've got some thinking to do, but for now, vent here.

Good night. And good luck. Oh, and remember: we're all bummed/mad/downright pissed off out about this, so none of the juvenile name calling. And no threats of physical harm to any politician that voted against this bill. That adds nothing to the conversation.