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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: United We Stand. . .If We Feel Like It

Okay, I wasn't that angry or depressed about the stadium thing when I wrote my previous post about it. The initial shock had pretty much worn off, and I went and wrote what I did about Minneapolis.

Then I went through my Twitter feed and saw this from Rep John Kriesel.

I'm speechless. Well, was speechless.

Seriously, what in the sweet blue hell is this? For crying out loud, is this high school? Do these legislators have to go to the bathroom in groups, too?

Sweet, merciful crap, this is pathetic. "I'll vote yes, but only if my pal does it first?" Maybe someone should have double-dog dared Rep. Murray to vote yes.

This bill could have made its way along to a full vote on the floor of the house had it gotten through this committee and the Taxes committee (at least, that's my understanding). And it got stopped in the House Government Operations and Elections Committee because there were people that were more interested in saving their own asses than they were in standing up and possibly going out on a limb.

Sadly, to some people this qualifies as "leadership."

This. . .ugh. The stupid, it burns, well and truly.