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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: We Are Approaching The Rubicon

If Minnesota is wondering whether or not this whole thing with the Vikings' stadium is serious, the National Football League gave them a little bit of a wake-up call on Wednesday night.

"There are plenty of willing buyers. I think the Wilfs do not want to sell the franchise, but I think there is a point where they probably would be open-minded," he added. "I would not be surprised if [Goodell] tells the governor, if he asks, what other cities are interested."

Yeah. . .apparently at this point there's a list of other cities. That gives me the impression that it isn't just Los Angeles, although I'm sure they'd be at the top of the list.

Mark Craig of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune also spoke to Eric Grubman, the NFL Executive Vice President of Business Operations. The tone wasn't any more positive there.

Q: It sounds like you're preparing for the probability that they'll move?

"I don't want to get into probablilities. I'll go back to what I said before. In the 20 years that I've watched teams change hands, a lot of things get talked about. But until things are really ripe, nothing happens. This is getting ripe. You have a very dejected ownership. They've run out of options. They feel like they've done everything they've been asked to do and they can't get a vote. No one will answer the question, `What is it going to take?' The Vikings have said, `Give us A, B and C, what would you like us to do?' They've been told A, B and C, and they've done that. And they still can't get through. So what makes anyone think it's going to be any better or different next year or the year after? If that's the conclusion that the Vikings and the league come to, then things are pretty ripe."


The odds of something getting done this session are remote, and I'm pretty sure that everyone realizes that. Hopefully this whole ordeal can scare people into a special session to get something done. Otherwise Mark Dayton, Kurt Zellers, Joyce Peppin, and the rest of the group can forever be known as the group that let the Vikings get away.

On the bright side, none of them would have to worry about making any of those tough decisions they were elected to make any more.

Sorry for killing any potential buzz, folks. Hopefully some slightly more positive news will come through soon.