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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Public Hearing Set For Tonight

As we reported yesterday, a compromise has been reached by the state and charitable gaming interests on the introduction of electronic pull tabs and bingo to help finance a new Minnesota Vikings stadium. Because of this, to borrow a line from Jim Ross, it looks like business is starting to pick up in St. Paul.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press is reporting that there will be a public hearing for the amended stadium bill this evening at 6 PM. It will take place in front of the House Commerce and Regulatory Reform Committee.

The article also takes a look at the different back-up sources of revenue should the state's contribution from gaming fall short. Apparently there are four things and, if additional money is needed, they would kick into effect in the following order:

1) Tax on luxury boxes at the stadium
2) Special sports-themed lottery game (and I'm pretty sure there's already a Vikings-based lottery game, isn't there?)
3) Excess revenue from Hennepin County taxes
4) Admissions tax at the stadium

Naturally, the Vikings aren't super crazy about the potential for more taxes being taken from them to finance this, but Rep Morrie Lanning says that the new gaming agreement should give the state enough to finance their portion with money left over.

So, if you can make it to the public hearing tonight, I encourage you to do so.

And to the Vikings. . .yeah, you're not crazy about some parts of this, and I get that. But for crying out loud, just get it done already.