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Percy Harvin Will Need Shoulder Surgery

Edit: Harvin just tweeted that he will be ready for OTA's...Ted wuz here

According to Percy Harvin, in any event.

Well, this isn't good. I mean, I'm guessing it isn't anything major, but seeing something from one of the team's best players saying that they're going to have to go under the knife is generally not a positive thing.

Then again, it could be worse, I guess. . .he could have let the injury linger all off-season and decided that he needed surgery two days into training camp. Ah, who am I kidding? That never happens.

Once somebody can ascertain exactly what the shoulder surgery will be for, we'll pass it along to everybody else.

We'll have some more stuff up here later on this evening. . .provided that the stadium hearing that was supposed to get underway at 6 PM Central ever actually, you know, gets underway.