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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Bill Officially Clears First Hurdle

The bill for a new Minnesota Vikings' stadium has officially cleared its first hurdle, as it was passed on a divided voice vote by the House Commerce Committee.

The evening started. . .over one hour late. . .with two amendments that needed to be added to the bill, including one that would make the sports "tip boards" that would be used to help provide the funding legal in the state of Minnesota. Both of the amendments passed, and after that the full committee gave the bill the thumbs-up.

Now, keep in mind, this is just the first fight in a significantly longer battle. The next stop for the Vikings' stadium bill is the House Rules Committee, and there are several other committees that the bill has to go through before it goes to the full legislature for an up-or-down vote.

If the rest of the committee meetings are anything like tonight's, the people that are called to testify against a Minnesota Vikings' stadium will end up doing just as much, if not more, good than the people that are called to testify in favor of it. The stadium proponents, largely, seemed well-prepared and educated on the subject, while those that were against it, quite frankly, were not.

I won't elaborate further. . .I'm trying to remain polite about what we saw this evening.

But, the first hurdle has been cleared. . .we're probably not even a quarter of the way to the finish line, but given where this whole thing was a couple of days ago, I'm pretty darn happy right now.