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Daily Norseman Interview With Alan Page

Is everyone sick of all this awful stadium news yet? While it's definitely the biggest issue currently facing the team, I think it's too depressing to talk about nonstop. It's Friday--we need something positive heading into the weekend to distract us from the team's uncertain future.

So how about one of the greatest players from the team's past?

We've been lucky enough to interview some pretty big names from the Vikings organization here at Daily Norseman throughout the years, but I think it might be tough to beat this one. I was fortunate enough to be able to talk with none other than Alan Page, undoubtedly one of the best players to ever don the purple and gold.

We chatted about the upcoming gala for his Page Foundation tomorrow night at Target Field--you can still participate in the online auction we discussed at through the end of the day today. We also talked about how his signature bow tie look came to be, which was pretty funny. He couldn't discuss the stadium issue much due to his day job of being on the Minnesota Supreme Court, but like I said, we've had plenty of talk about that lately. We also discussed the bounty scandal, his playing days, and the mindset he played with throughout his career. (My personal favorite: the guy doesn't like losing. Like, ever.)

I usually transcribe these interviews, but it's 2012. We might as well post the audio of the interview for your listening pleasure, right? (Besides, transcribing even these 15 minutes of conversation would have taken me hours of tedious typing. Gross.) Click the media player below to listen to our discussion in its entirety.

Interview with Alan Page - April 20, 2012

EDIT 2:05 PM: If any of you are having trouble getting the player to work, a direct link to the audio is available here:

Interview with Alan Page - April 20, 2012

Before you let me know how jealous you are of me that I got to speak with a Vikings legend, I'd suggest saving your envy for another member of our Daily Norseman team. Remember that Page Foundation Gala that we talked about? Our very own SkolGirl is actually going to the freakin' thing. (I can't attend due to my wife's 30th birthday party--love ya hun!) Justice Page and I already discussed a few of the luminaries due to attend tomorrow night at Target Field, and I'm sure there will be many, many more. So stay tuned for some in-person coverage from SkolGirl soon!