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The Vikings Know How To Celebrate 4/20 Day, Man you know today is, like, 4/20 day man?

And although the Vikings as an organization aren't going to be rolling a bunch of fatties and nom nom-ing on Doritos until 4:00 in the morning, they are nonetheless commemorating the alternative version of the Great American Smoke Out.

That's right kids, the Vikings will be watching a Cheech and Chong marathon are bringing in free agent WR Jerome Simpson tomorrow, who is famous for two things. The first one is ridiculously awesome, and was the play of the year in the NFL last season:

The second one isn't so awesome, unless you're an associate of Boyd Crowder:

Cincinnati police intercepted a package that was sent from California to Simpson's house that contained two and a half pounds of marijuana. When the cops showed up to search the house they found six more pounds of pot inside the house along with Bengals fourth-year tackle Anthony Collins and an unamed woman.

He pleaded guilty, did two weeks in jail, and could be facing a suspension from Roger Goodell. But I ask you, do we want someone on our team that deals in the 'burning weed with its roots in Hell?' Do we? DO WE?

Eh, I can be convinced either way. Enjoy your weekend, potheads. Don't eat all the Doritos. Those things will kill you.