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Madden NFL Series Changes Its Announcers

After two years of Gus Johnson and Cris Collinsworth providing commentary for the Madden NFL series, EA Sports has apparently decided that it's time for a change.

Going forward, the announcers for the game will be Jim Nantz and Phil Simms, both of whom currently work for CBS Sports.

Now, everyone that's been here a few times knows that I'm a pretty big fan of Gus Johnson, so I'm not terribly happy with the change. Like the folks at Awul Announcing (the link to the story above there), I'm not sure if the duo, and Nantz in particular, connect with the younger types the way someone like Gus Johnson would. Personally, when I think of Jim Nantz, I don't immediately think about football. You know what I think when I hear "Jim Nantz?" Cue the piano music. . .

"A tradition. . .unlike any other. The Masters on CBS."

Honestly, I haven't been as into the Madden NFL series the past couple of years as I had previously been. Between not having quite the amount of spare time as I used to and finding other games to fill the time I do spend gaming, it's pretty much been an afterthought. For those of you that still spend a decent amount of time playing the game, how do you think this affects things?