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Draft Coverage: What Do YOU Guys Want? Your Monday Morning Open Thread

As we mentioned a couple weeks back, DN will have full press coverage for the draft this upcoming weekend. Eric and I have a rough gameplan of what we're going to do, but hey, none of this would have been possible without the continued patronage of you, whether you're a frequent commenter, fan poster, or lurker.

So to help make this as close to what you guys and gals would want, well...what would you guys want? If YOU were in our shoes, what would you do, and what would you want to see?

I know we're going to have an open thread for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, that's a given. And those will be administered by Fearless Leader back at DN World HQ, and chaired by Eric and myself.

So, with no new stadium news, and draft speculation pretty much talked out, I want to use this space to hear your suggestions and requests for what you'd like to see this weekend. Now keep in mind, interviews will be strictly controlled by the team, and player/coach accessibility will probably be limited to press conferences, but it's not like we won't be trying.

Do you want pictures, audio, video, something else that ends in o? Do you want a behind the scenes kind of look at the draft? Or is striaght reporting of the facts good enough?

So, put your wish list here, and if it's doable, it'll be done.