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Chad Clifton Done With Packers; Possibly With Career

First off- no, this is NOT me being happy about this situation- I'm simply reporting something that affects one of our primary divisional rivals. I will never celebrate something like this, and if you do in the comments, I will verbally abuse you. A true football fan does not take joy in any player, even a rival team's player, suffering physical injury and possibly having a career shortened. Period. We're not the Saints*, ladies and gents, we're the Vikings, and we have class.

Anyways, Clifton, the Packer's LT, will be released by the team soon. This is again unfortunately not due to poor production or locker room issues; this is because Clifton, who had back surgery last season, is unlikely to play in 2012- and possibly ever again. It's uncertain right now who will replace him in the lineup; it could be Marshall Newhouse or Derek Sherrod. Either way, the Packer's O-line will likely be very greatly weakened by this move- if you recall, a key difference between the 2009 and 2010 (dammit) seasons for the Pack were Clifton's presence.

So, while I would prefer for Clifton's career not to be threatened as such- I would much rather him be perfectly healthy with Jared Allen blasting by him regardless- it's still worth noting that our divisional rival has taken a bit of a blow here. Yes, Clifton really wasn't much of a factor last year when they went 15-1 (oh, and became the first team in NFL history to do so and not win a playoff game- HAH!), but I still see this as having ramifications for that team.

Comment away- but again, celebrate the injury of a football player, and be prepared for some unhappy things in your future.