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Were The Saints* Even Naughtier?

Very quick and brief blurb on this, just because I know it's been blowing up the general NFL news sites now, and as Vikings fans, we not only take enjoyment in watching a team we knew was dirty, and played us dirty (repeatedly) fall hard, but we also have to wonder every time news likes this breaks, if it means we really were that much closer in reality to a Super Bowl in 2009.

Except that's not really the case here. See, Mickey Loomis has been accused of electronically spying on other teams' coaching staffs when they were visiting New Orleans. ...before 2007, meaning that in reality, this doesn't affect us Viking fans and our memories of 2009 at all.

Also, as I previously pointed out in some comments in another story, I'm not sure how much to trust all this. Sometimes things either get blown out of proportion, or even outright made up, when someone is proven to be a total jerk otherwise. So personally I'm just going to kind of watch a bit longer to see what all develops.

Anyways, I knew you would all be talking about this a bit, so here ya go. Oh, and yes, it would have been against federal laws, but statutes of limitations have expired here, so no- Loomis will not be indicted on anything. At least on a federal level: proven true, I can't imagine that the NFL will take this all that well.