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Jerome Simpson Will Receive Three Game Suspension


Edit: Uhhhh.... just see above.

Bengals FA WR Jerome Simpson, convicted on receiving... well, a tidy little amount of marijuana, let's just put it like that, will receive a three game suspension that was announced today.

Awesome touchdown front flips aside, this could probably impact the Vikings' interest in him considerably. Granted, we all knew the suspension was coming, but until now we didn't know how much it would be. If the Vikes do take Simpson, this means he would not be available for the games against Jacksonville, Indianapolis, and San Francisco. While Jax and Indy should be OK games regardless, I'm not sure how I'd feel about the Vikings picking up a WR that we won't have available when we go up against one of the best defenses in the NFL- oh, and Randy Moss, to boot. (We MUST win that game... for 2010...)

Aside from the Vikings, St. Louis is in the running for Simpson, and Cincinnati has expressed interest too in re-signing him. What say you, fellow Viking faithful? Now that we know the extent of Simpson's impending suspension, should the Vikings still pursue him?