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Aaaand Jerome Simpson Is Now A Viking. Also, Rick Spielman Is Personally Messing With Me.

Hey guys. Kyle here. You'll remember me from such classics as Should The Vikings Sign Jeremy Shockey, Dr. Prometheus Fails At Predicting The Vikings Schedule, and the recent Should Jerome Simpson Become A Viking.

Well, apparently Rick Spielman is a reader of the Daily Norseman, and apparently for some reason he also has a personal grudge against me, because we just signed Jerome Simpson. So, uh, stop voting in that poll down there.

Yep- Simpson's a Vike now, all three game suspension and all. It's a one year deal- I'm searching for the figures as we speak, if anyone's got ‘em already, post away in the comments for an edit and some front page street cred.

As Eric points out in his piece on it over at the regional site, it's a gamble, but one with some good potential upside. Simpson actually has a chance to become the #1 receiver on this team, and if he can stay out of trouble and remain on the field (after the first three games of course), he could provide a valuable spark to our passing game.

Also, he might do another flip. Which would be AWESOME.