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Where We Shamelessly Plug A Grassroots Group For The Stadium Effort

Hi gang. With the stadium effort coming to an end, one way or the other, now is the time to let folks in St. Paul know that there are thousands of Vikings fans in this state, and it's time for our voices to be heard.

"Minnesota Vikings Bleeding Purple" has gotten the attention of KARE Ch 11, and the Star Tribune, among others, to get the word out that there is a groundswell of support to keep the Vikings, if the alternative is them leaving for another location. What's their goal? Well, I'll let Ted Engen, the defacto leader of the group, explain:

"The people of Minnesota want to keep The Vikings, as they are a part of our history. For 52 years, this team has been more than just something we have loved, they have become a part of us and are now intertwined with our heritage. We do not want to lose the Vikings and fans are doing everything in our power to get this message across.

With the jobs that can be created and all the positives that come from a new stadium, it's time for our state to get this done. Our legislators have an opportunity to do something we can be proud of, but by squabbling over details their shenanigans could result in our state losing our cherished football team. This is unacceptable. I haven't heard one person say "man I sure hate that Target Field" but I've talked to plenty that still miss the North Stars. With only 9 days left in this session, the time for our legislators to act is now."

According to Ted, there will be a group of fans gathering on Wednesday at 3:00 pm in Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce during their committee meeting, as well as a group of fans gathering to coincide with the Vikings Draft party.

You can follow them on Facebook right here. If you want to get involved and help your voice be heard, this is one way to do it.