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What Is Dead May Never Die: Stadium Bill Reaches House Floor, Passes Senate Jobs And Economic Growth Committee

The Minnesota Vikings stadium bill is now moving with lightning speed, considering where we were about this time last week. Earlier today it passed the Senate Jobs and Economic Growth committee on a voice vote, and now heads to the last committee it will face in either house--the Senate Finance Committee.

It cleared the final hurdle in the House Ways and Means Committee last night, despite the best efforts of Phyllis Kahn. It could be voted on as early as tomorrow in the House, and Thursday in the Senate.

The finance committee will be the tough hurdle, and some legislators thought about trying some parliamentary maneuvers to avoid that committee for fear of not having enough votes. I'm assuming somebody got assurances from somewhere that there are votes, or the procedural maneuvers failed. Either way, it looks like the Finance committee will meet sometime tomorrow to decide the fate of the bill.

There's still no guarnatee that there are enough votes to pass it if it does get to both floors for a vote, mind you, but there is definitely momentum building, and I am 100% more optimistic than I was this time last week.