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Morris Claiborne Is Trending For The Vikings, And DN World HQ Temporarily Relocates

Hi gang. First off, apologies for not being around much today. Crazy day here, but I wanted to give some last minute thoughts about the draft and let you know what's going on for tomorrow's coverage.

In the last few days, Matt Kalil has been trending down, and it's now becoming more popular that the Vikings will select LSU CB Morris Claiborne instead.

I don't buy any of it.

The Vikings are smart enough to know that selecting Kalil solves two problems on the offensive line, but selecting Claiborne still doesn't solve the problem with the safety position.

I'll be stunned if the Vikings stay at 3 and pick Claiborne. I could see them trading down for the right price, and if they get a good trade, take Claiborne, and then maybe another tackle like Riley Reiff, I could live with that.

My best case scenario? The Vikings make a trade and move back one or two spots, pick up a second and/or third round pick in the process, and still pick Kalil.

My okay scenario? Vikings trade down, lose out on Kalil, but get Claiborne and a bevy of picks.

My nightmare scenario? Vikings trade down, end up with just a couple extra picks, and don't get either Kalil or Claiborne. Then the Vikings stadium bill gets defeated. And then my car breaks down on my way home from the draft and burns on the side of a highway.

Speaking of the draft, Daily Norseman World HQ will be temporarily relocating starting tomorrow through Saturday, as Eric and I will be setting up the mobile command post live in Winter Park tomorrow afternoon. The draft commences at 7 PM CST, and if everything goes according to plan, we'll have an open thread up around 5 or so.

We'll be giving you live, real time updates with information as we hear it on the thread, as well as Twitter. I'll be tweeting on @purplebuckeye, Eric will be on @eric_j_thompson, and Fearless Leader will be tweeting on @DailyNorseman.

As things break, we'll put up posts both on DN and SB Nation Minnesota, and we'll look to put up video, audio, and pictures as we get them.

Oh, and if you see 11 long haired friends of Jesus in a chartreuse Microbus with Illinois plates somewhere on I-35 heading north early tomorrow afternoon, honk and wave.

It won't be me, I'll be in a different vehicle, but I'm sure they won't mind.

Next stop, Winter Park!