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Breaking: Vikings Deal Third Pick To Cleveland For Three Additional Picks

EDIT: The Vikings got a 4th rounder (#118 overall), a 5th rounder (#139 overall), and a 7th rounder (#211 overall) from the Browns to move back one spot. The fourth rounder is one of the picks that the Browns received last year from the Atlanta Falcons in the Julio Jones trade. - Chris

We're still a little less than an hour away from the draft, but we already have some fireworks. The Cleveland Browns have swapped first round picks with the Vikings and thrown in three additional picks. Apparently the Browns were concerned enough about the Buccaneers swooping in and picking Trent Richardson that they moved up a whopping one spot in the draft to do it.

The Vikings will move from third to fourth in the fourth round, and according to early reports they'll get a 4th, 5th, and 7th rounder in return.


At first blush, this is an amazing deal for the Vikings. They weren't going to take Richardson with the third pick, so they just got three free picks and they still have everyone on their board available. The additional late round picks should provide for more trade bait later on in the draft. As it currently stands, the Vikings hold THIRTEEN draft picks--most in the league. (The Browns had 13 picks before making this deal.)

You have to give credit to Rick Spielman for getting a very favorable trade so close to the draft. I have a hard time finding a single Vikings fan that will object to this trade. Discuss below, and stay tuned for more live from the Winter Park media headquarters!