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Stock Market Report, Round 1

Gary Anderson does not approve, but there's not much he could do about it.  You see, Matt Kalil could eat him.
Gary Anderson does not approve, but there's not much he could do about it. You see, Matt Kalil could eat him.

This is going to be an abbreviated SMR, simply for the fact that we only have one two picks to talk about. TWO picks, woot!!

But what a pick it was, and GM Rick Spielman's trade, while not one for the ages, was a very good one, and gives the Vikings a lot of options heading into the latter part of round one and the rest of the draft.

It's time to face the promise, Matt Kalil:

I need an Eldorado, that's got to be someplace

There's a line inside I think I've crossed

You better watch out now I'm gonna be my own boss

SMR, after the jump.

Blue Chip Stock: Matt Kalil, LT, Minnesota Vikings. Man, that feels good to write. During his press conference, GM Rick Spielman seemed to indicate that all the talk about taking Morris Claiborne or some other player was all a smokescreen, and they wanted Kalil all along. He makes two positions on the line better, and like Spielman himself said, LT's are rarely available in free agency, but there are always top CB's or WR's. Kalil said of all the pre-draft visits he had, Minnesota was the only place he could see himself 'living for the next 10 years', and his college coach Lane Kiffin said in a press conference that Kalil is the perfect fit for the Vikes.

Blue Chip Stock: Harrison Smith, S, Minnesota Vikings. Rick Spielman made a trade late in the first round, sending the Vikings second (#35) and a 4th rounder (98) to Baltimore for the #29 overall pick. Smith has been described as the 'best free safety in the draft', which has to be music to the ears of the Vikings. Safety has been a black hole devoid of talent since Darren Sharper left, and Smith looks to step in right away and compete for a starting job.

Blue Chip Stock: Adrian Peterson, RB. Why is Adrian Peterson mentioned here? Because he's doing sprints with the team, and he's kicking their asses. Less than 4 months after ACL surgery. Adrian Peterson is a beast. That is all.

Solid Investment: Rick Spielman, GM. Rick Spielman is a straight up baller, at least for one night. He made a great trade about an hour before the draft, swapping picks with Cleveland, while receiving in return Cleveland's 4th, 5th, and 7th round pick, numbers 118, 139, and 211 overall, which gave the Vikings an incredible 13 picks in this draft. They used that leverage to trade back up into the first round, and while they lost their second round pick, they ended up with two first rounders. They only have one pick heading into tomorrow (3rd round 66 overall), but still have three 4th round picks, #118, 128, and 134 overall. Very solid day one for the Vikes GM.

Junk Bonds: Cleveland Browns. Sorry, but I thought that was a bad trade for the Browns just to move up one spot. They had a good running back in Peyton Hillis, let him go to Kansas City, and now paid a lot just to move up one spot. Look, in two or three years if Trent Richardson works out, I look like an idiot. Well, let's be honest, I'll look like an idiot long before then, and many times over, but this still wasn't a good deal for the Browns.

Don Glover Quote Of The Night: "Well son, I think it was a good move. He's a big kid, we need help, and for one night, Rick Spielman isn't an idiot." Rick, that's the closest thing you'll ever get to a compliment from my Dad. I'd enjoy it. You've been an idiot exactly one less day than I have in the World According to Don.

It was past his bedtime when the Vikes made the trade to get Smith. And God have mercy on your soul if you wake him after he's gone to bed, unless the house is on fire.

Stay right here with DN as we continue on through the 2012 NFL Draft.