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Watch The Senate Taxes Committee Debate The Vikings' Stadium Bill LIVE

EDIT: The Senate Tax Committee will be convening to discuss the Vikings' stadium bill at around 3:45 PM Central time. The Senate had some debate that ran a little long and took a half-hour recess. The video link you see below is still the proper link. - Chris

Yep, the stadium bill faces what could be one of its final hurdles this afternoon, as it makes its way to the Senate Taxes Committee.

Unless my guess is incorrect, this is the final Senate Committee that this bill will face before it goes to a full vote on the Senate floor. The big issue that will likely come up during this particular hearing is the "Racino" provision that was added to the bill by the previous committee by a senator (whose name isn't important enough to mention any more than we already have) that proceeded to vote against the bill anyway, even after the amendment was included. Senator Julie Rosen, the bill's main author in the Senate, said that the Racino addition would put the bill in jeopardy, but the Taxes Committee could. . .and likely will. . .take the amendment out of the bill before putting it to a vote.

The Vikings have not gotten any of their previous attempts at a new stadium to a full vote in either house of the Minnesota legislature. The House version of the bill is at the floor of the House, and now it's time to see if the Senate version of the bill will make it as well. Watch all of the proceedings with your fellow Vikings fans right here. The proceedings start in about an hour, at 3 PM Central time.