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NFL Draft, Day Two Open Thread


Well, ladies and gentlemen, the second day of the 2012 NFL Draft is nearly upon us, and while the Vikings aren't scheduled to have a pick until the third round (#66 overall), we learned last night that doesn't necessarily mean that the Vikings won't be picking until then.

I've been seeing some stuff on Twitter that says that the Vikings aren't interested in moving back up into the second round. They have ten picks remaining, and they apparently like the depth at both the CB and WR spots, which are the Vikings' biggest remaining areas of need. We're going to have to see how things work out.

Unless Rick Spielman and company decide to jump up again, this could wind up being a relatively quiet night for the Vikings. But you can use this thread to discuss the rest of tonight's happenings at the 2012 NFL Draft with your fellow Vikings fans.

And if things are a little quiet at first, it's entirely possible that we're still watching the Senate Tax Committee meeting about the new Vikings' stadium, so you can feel free to join us there, too. The Committee chair said that she would be sticking to a three-hour time limit for the meeting, and if that's the case it will run until approximately 6:45 PM Central time.