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NFL Draft Day Two: Round Three Open Thread

Rick Spielman:  Baller
Rick Spielman: Baller

With the second round in the books, the Vikings stood pat and made no trades. Some pretty good talent went off the board early, to include WR's Stephen Hill, Mike Quick, Alshon Jeffery, and controversial CB Janoris Jenkins.

The Vikings still need help at LB, WR, and the defensive line, and they'll have the third pick in the third round.

There is still a lot of talent on the board, and with multiple holes to fill, the Vikings could go in one those directions, or do something completely out of the box. I would stick with the conventional wisdom on this, though, as the braintrust has done a very good job of targeting the players that fill needs on a roster that has been depleted with injuries, and going through a significant transition and youth movement.

So jump on in to the third round, and follow it live, right here on DN!