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What Is Dead May Never Die: Minnesota Vikings Stadium Bill Moves To Senate Floor

The Minnesota Vikings stadium bill crept closer to approval, as it passed through the last committee hearing before getting voted on in both houses.

In a sometimes contentious hearing, marked by stall tactics and at one point a committee recess immediately followed by the committee reconvening (lolwut), the bill passed on a 7-6 vote, moving to the floor with no recommendation by the committee.

Senator Julie Rosen, stadium bill author in the upper chamber, has said she has the votes to ensure passage, and as of this writing, it looks like the Minnesota Senate will vote on the bill sometime tomorrow. There is no schedule on when the House of Representatives will vote, but Rosen is 'confident' that there are enough votes in the House to assure passage as well.

Although the bill passed, Sen. John Marty tried just about every legal maneuver in the book to try and kill it. In the end, though, the vote was taken and it passed, and that's the important thing.

Look, I get that there are passionate feelings about this on both sides of the aisle, but what I don't get is why some people, like Sen. Marty, do everything in their power to try and kill the bill and prevent it from even getting to a vote. Are they afraid it will pass?

Either way, there are still a lot of hurdles to face on this. First off, remember that these are two similar, but separate bills. Both the House and Senate must pass their versions. From there, the bills will go into a conference committee, where the two bills will be merged into one, identical bill. Then that final bill will go back to the House and Senate to be voted on again. If it passes those votes, then Governor Dayton will sign the bill, and we will have a new stadium.

But for tonight, we celebrate. I can't decide what is more impressive, the first three picks of the draft, or the that the stadium bill, after more than a decade of squabbling, stalling, and delay, is finally thisclose to getting approved.