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NFL Draft Day Three: Your Round 4 Open Thread

So after three rounds of the draft, how are we feeling? Personally, I like the direction the Vikings are heading. They've nabbed two definite starters in Matt Kalil and Harrison Smith, and in Josh Robinson they added a guy that will bring some depth and competition at the cornerback position, as well as provide a possible option in the return game.

Yesterday, coach Leslie Frazier mentioned linebacker and wide receiver depth was a concern, so I would expect the Vikings to address those needs early today. With 5 picks in the next two rounds, the Vikes have the ability to either stand pat and bring in a lot of guys, or package those picks in attempt to move up and grab a guy they've targeted.

Hey, at least we aren't Jacksonville. Drafted a punter in the third round, really?

So keep it right here for all your Minnesota Vikings draft day needs. Eric and I are at Winter Park, and although I have to leave to start heading home after the 4th round, Eric will be here all day. And of course, Fearless Leader be at DN Base Camp. So whether it's the draft, or a stadium vote over in the Legislature--the Senate, last I read, is supposed to vote on the Vikings bill today--we'll keep you up to speed on everything.