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Minnesota Vikings Receive 2013 Fourth-Round Draft Choice From Detroit Lions

In the flurry of action coming out of Minnesota, I thought this needed something to make sure that everyone saw it.

The Minnesota Vikings traded out of the 138th overall pick, which was their own fifth-round selection, by trading with the Detroit Lions. They also sent the Lions the 223rd overall pick, which was the selection that the Vikings got from the New England Patriots in the 2010 trade that brought Randy Moss to Minnesota. The Lions used the 138th pick to select Temple linebacker Tahir Whitehead.

In exchange, the Vikings move up four spots in the seventh round to #219 overall, a pick that the Lions received from the Seattle Seahawks, and a fourth-round selection in the 2013 NFL Draft. I haven't seen too many future draft picks being exchanged during this year's proceedings, though it's entirely possible that I've just missed them with concentrating as heavily on the Vikings as I have been.

But there you go. . .the Vikings are already working on stocking up on picks for the 2013 NFL Draft. Thoughts, everybody?

The Vikings have four picks remaining as it stands right now. They have one sixth-round pick at #175 overall, as well as three seventh-round selection at #210, #211, and #219.