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Minnesota Vikings Receive 2013 Sixth-Round Pick From Tennessee Titans

The Minnesota Vikings were supposed to have consecutive picks in the seventh round of the 2012 NFL Draft at picks 210 and 211, but they moved out of the latter of those two picks in a deal with the Tennessee Titans. The Titans then used that pick on Scott Solomon, a defensive end from Rice University.

The pick that was traded was the seventh-rounder the Vikings got from the Cleveland Browns in the trade from Thursday night where the teams swapped first-round draft positions.

In exchange for the 211th overall selection, the Vikings will receive the Titans sixth-round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. So, as a result of this trade and the trade they made earlier in the day with the Detroit Lions, the Vikings now have two extra picks in next year's selection process.

This means that the Vikings only have one more selection in this year's draft, and it is coming up at #219 overall. This is a pick that they got from the Lions in the aforementioned trade. They gave up the pick they were supposed to have at #223 as part of that deal.

The rebuilding continues in Minnesota, ladies and gentlemen. . .we're glad you're still hanging out with us!