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New Minnesota Vikings Uniforms Revealed

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WANT! (Picture courtesy of the<a href=""> Vikings Official Website</a>)
WANT! (Picture courtesy of the Vikings Official Website)

The Minnesota Vikings' "new" uniforms were unveiled in New York this morning, along with the uniforms of every other team in the NFL. A couple of teams had fairly significant changes to their uniforms, but the Vikings really didn't have very many.

All of the teams now have shoes to go with their uniforms, as you can see with the picture to the right there. The font on the numbers appears to be a little more rounded on the edges than the previous uniforms were, but other than that there weren't any significant changes.

No word on any kind of throwbacks or anything like that, but I'm guessing that Nike (the new uniform supplier of the National Football League) will have something along those lines eventually as well.

To see the full gallery of pictures of the Vikings' new uniforms, you can check out the full gallery at No word yet on when they'll be available in stores, but pre-sales will apparently be starting on 15 April at the Vikings' Locker Room website.