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SB Nation Grades The 2012 NFL Draft For The NFC North

Yes, people do love their draft grades. . .even if I, personally, do not. . .but I thought I would share this video from the SB Nation mothership about their grades for the 2012 NFL Draft.

The video is actually pretty well-produced and very well done overall, even though there was a "Love Boat" joke thrown in during the part about our favorite football team. (FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IT WAS SEVEN YEARS AGO!)

Each team, in addition to their grade, is given a "Headline Pick," a "Value Pick," and a "Sleeper Pick." In the case of the Vikings, those players were OT Matt Kalil, WR Greg Childs, and S Harrison Smith, respectively. I agree with two of those three picks. . .obviously Kalil is the headliner, as he should be as the #1 overall pick, and Childs represented a pretty good value where the Vikings got him. As far as Harrison Smith, I have difficulty calling a guy taken in the first round a "sleeper" pick. I think the real sleeper is going to be our last pick, DE/DT Trevor Guyton, who I think has a real shot to make the team and be a part of the rotation, particularly on the inside.

But, without any further ado, here's the video. Enjoy!