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Zygi Wilf Apparently Went Fishing For Tuna

So, in getting a late start this morning, I'm just now getting around to seeing this news:

Even as the Saints beg Bill Parcells to come to New Orleans, The Post has learned Vikings owner Zygi Wilf is putting the hard sell on the former Giants and Jets coach to head to Minnesota and "run the show.’’

The Saints are seeking a replacement for the 2012 season for suspended head coach Sean Payton, while Wilf, who has strong New Jersey ties, is simply seeking an upgrade over coach Leslie Frazier and GM Rick Spielman and believes Parcells is the guy.

Now, the story from the New York Post says that Wilf allegedly told Parcells to "name his price" when it came to "running the show" in Minnesota. The story does not, on the other hand, specify when it was Zygi Wilf might have actually made this offer to Bill Parcells. It could have been back in December or January or it could have been a week or two ago. Nobody knows for sure, because the story doesn't specify it.

The way the whole thing is laid out leads me to believe that what happened, if anything, was that Wilf offered Parcells the job around the end of the 2011 season or shortly thereafter. After Parcells took some time to think about it and, eventually, turned it down, the Vikings made the decision to promote Rick Spielman to the General Manager's role. I mean, really. . .as Viking-esque a move as it would be. . .I don't see Wilf promoting Spielman to General Manager, giving him a month or two to organize things and get ready for the draft and everything, and then firing him and Leslie Frazier so that Parcells could move in. It makes no sense.

So, I'm not sure how strong or recent the Vikings' interest in Bill Parcells is at this point. Would I believe it more strongly next season if the Vikings' rebuilding efforts don't show anything this season? Yes, I would. But the timing of this is just too far off to lead me to believe that the Vikings are planning on making a move right now.

That's the way I see things, anyway. What are your thoughts on this whole situation?

EDIT: We have this from Tom Pelissero on the Twitter, too.

So, you know. . .there's that.