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Jared Allen No Longer Has To Worry About The Madden Curse

The voting for the cover of Madden NFL '13 has moved on to the "Elite Eight" and, unfortunately. . .or fortunately, depending on your perspective. . .Minnesota's own Jared Allen is no longer in the running.

In the round of 16, Allen was knocked out of the tournament by New England Patriots' tight end Rob Gronkowski. The man they call "Gronk" got 65% of the fan vote, while everyone's favorite mulletted pass rusher could only garner 35%. So, #69's run in the tournament has come to an end.

The final eight match-ups look like this.

On the left-side of the bracket, Carolina Panthers' quarterback Cam Newton faces off against Arizona Cardinals' wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. The winner of that battle will take on either San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis or New York Giants' wide receiver Victor Cruz in the final four.

On the right-hand side (the side Allen was on), Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers is still in the tournament, and he'll be taking on Baltimore Ravens' running back Ray Rice. The winner of that one will go head-to-head against the winner of the match-up between Gronkowski and Detroit Lions' wide receiver Calvin Johnson.

The voting continues. . .sans Jared Allen. . .right here. Vote for or against whoever you want to see on the cover!