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Adrian Peterson Donates A Whole Lot Of Money To His Alma Mater

Minnesota Vikings' running back Adrian Peterson has made a whole lot of money in the National Football League so far, and while he's likely given a lot back already, today he decided to give back a whole lot more.

Today, Peterson made a $1 million donation to his alma mater, the University of Oklahoma. He had said that it was something he had been thinking of doing for a very long time, and finally went and pulled the trigger on it.

The donation will go towards the construction of a new student housing facility, as well as establishing a football scholarship endowment in Peterson's name. The football team's meeting room will now also bear Peterson's name.

It's always nice to see professional athletes do these sorts of things for their schools. . .it shows that they have enough sense to recognize the people that helped them to get to where they are today, and put them in a position to be successful. I'm guessing that this won't be the last charitable act that Peterson makes, but as it stands now it is quite likely the largest.