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Football Season Is Almost Here--So Is Tailgating



With the draft and OTA's right around the corner, that also means another tradition as grand as football is right around the corner---tailgating.

And with tailgating comes grilling, does it not?

Oh, that was a rhetorical question. We all know the answer to that is yes.

One thing I love about tailgating and grilling is trying all these different fantastic dishes that people cook. From various types of meat on a grill, to appetizers, sidedishes, desserts and drinks, tailgating is as American as football.

Not futbol, FOOTBAW!

But one thing that's always bugged me about tailgating is that I get to try all this great food, and unless I write a recipe down, I don't get to try that food, or that way to prepare chicken again.

And really, who walks around with a pen and paper while you're tailgating? You have your hands full with food and drink, amirite?

Wouldn't it be great if there was a single place...a website, even...that you could go to to find hundreds, even thousands, of different recipes for meats, side dishes, appetizers---everything you would ever even think about wanting to cook for a tailgate or big game party?

Well, now there is. A friend of mine is developing a new website called, and the intent is that site to be your one stop shop for all things tailgating. It's still pretty new, but we're growing. It's a place to go to find different ways to prepare your favorite meats for grilling, look for a new sidedish to dazzle your friends with, or a place to try something brand new.

But just as importantly, it's a place to share those recipes and techniques that made you the pre-eminent grillmaster in your universe...the master of your domain, if you will. And it's open to everyone--Vikings fans, college football fans, Bears fans, yes, even Packers fans. Because although we don't like each other during the game, we all share a love of tailgating, grilling, and drinking--in moderation, of course. Unless you're a Michigan Wolverine fan. They're all a bunch of raging alcoholics.

This site/endeavor is still a work in progress, though. So when you head over there, keep in mind we're still at the ‘dozens' level in terms of recipes, and we've still got some expansion plans. We're going to add message boards for various topics-football talk, product reviews, a smoking room for cigar chat, and on the front page we'll have main posts on varying topics. But we were so excited to roll this thing out, we decided not to wait any longer.

This new endeavor can't succeed without people who love to tailgate and grill participating, by trying out some of these recipes, and sharing your own great and unique dishes. That's where you, the great community of Daily Norseman comes in. Check the site out, tell your friends, tell your co-workers, hell, even tell your enemies. The only way we get this site to where we want it to be is with you guys.

So follow us on Twitter @tailgatemaster1, and head on over to, the soon to be pre-eminent tailgating site on the Internet.