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2012 Daily Norseman Community Mock Draft: Jacksonville Jaguars

We are 6 picks into our mock draft, and for the St. Louis Rams, we picked:

Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State. So in adding Blackmon, our draft looks like this so far:

Colts: Andrew Luck

Redskins: RGIII

Vikes: Matt Kalil

Browns: Trent Richardson

Bucs: Morris Claiborne

Rams: Justin Blackmon

Next up: The Jacksonville Jaguars. Last year, the Jags drafted Mizzou QB Blaine Gabbert in the first round, and he preceded to stink up the joint, and there are doubts about his long term viability as an NFL quarterback. So you could argue that they need a QB. Reilly Reiff, the best remaining offensive lineman, is still out there as well. They also need receivers, but they do have uber back Maurice Jones Drew, so they seem to be set there.

On defense, defensive line is the biggest need, and there are several prospects at both tackle and end available, with DT Fletcher Cox out of Mississippi St the best one on the board at this point.

So who's it going to be?